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Tv Shows

so right now i'm kinda doing this thing where im trying to get back into tv shows that i onced watched then give up after the the 2nd season.
for some of the tv shows that has happend to i guess there is reasons why E.g supernatural it got moved to a sunday night on itv2 and 11pm and at that point in my life i had collage and i was pretty busy so i give it up, brothers and sisters well i never really watched it on tv in england i tended to watch it on the net and i guess i didn't really feel season 3 i guss because i was losing my balthazar getty crush and he was one of the reason why i watched it but now i kinda watched an old movie of his and now i also have a major crush on Matthew Rhyes i have been watching it again and i really love it . getting back to supernatural is not has easy to get back into as brothers and sisters is because i really do have to rewatch the first to season to remember all the backstory that this tv show has and it a lot of work .

ok so they are two are the show that i trying to get back into.

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