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JONAS Season 2

so the end season are 2nd JONAS is kinda looking like its going to be way better then the first, then again we can say the same thing about Camp Rock 2.
but the whole nick and macy thing look like its going to be so totally cute. i can't wait to see it.

team jonas ---- jonas brothers

team jonas 

i didn’t know that a band could affect my life as much as the jonas brothers have and bring me so much happiness and stress at the same time.

i love the fact that i met amy through team jonas nearly 18months ago and i’ve just come back from spending the weekend in London with her and sarah and on sat laura as well. doing stuff not really connected with the jonas brothers

also the fact for most of us being friends the jonas brothers were our starting point but since them we have found other intrests that we share outside of them and spent time togeather doing other stuff which make me hope that these bonds that we have now will last longer then maybe they will as a band.

and in 10 years we will meet up and say remember when we met and it was because of the jonas brothers and there music who would have throught that a band would bring so many people togeather and it would last


ok i love going to the cinema and at one point i would write out a list of movie that i would want to go and see through out the year.
but it seem like last year i was in some kinda of bubble and i did really go that much . so i have decided that i am going to start writing a list out again with what movies that i want to go and see at the cinema and it starts now .

ok i don't think i will put then in release date order since right now i don't have the release dates on me.
  • The Boys are Back  22nd jan
  • Remember Me
  • The Last Song
  • Valentine's Day
  • Percy Jackson And the Lightning Thief

Tv Shows

so right now i'm kinda doing this thing where im trying to get back into tv shows that i onced watched then give up after the the 2nd season.
for some of the tv shows that has happend to i guess there is reasons why E.g supernatural it got moved to a sunday night on itv2 and 11pm and at that point in my life i had collage and i was pretty busy so i give it up, brothers and sisters well i never really watched it on tv in england i tended to watch it on the net and i guess i didn't really feel season 3 i guss because i was losing my balthazar getty crush and he was one of the reason why i watched it but now i kinda watched an old movie of his and now i also have a major crush on Matthew Rhyes i have been watching it again and i really love it . getting back to supernatural is not has easy to get back into as brothers and sisters is because i really do have to rewatch the first to season to remember all the backstory that this tv show has and it a lot of work .

ok so they are two are the show that i trying to get back into.


today is the 21st may which is a thursday. tomorrow i am going to buying my 7th jonas brothers concert ticket some may say i'm kinda mad but who care im having fun.
so in 23 days i will be in paris at my first jonas concert of the year.
so the jonas events that are coming up
JB are on Sound sat
JB have a live chat on facebook next thurs us fri morning uk
JB 3d movie comes out next fri

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